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Manassas approves sale that would save mobile-home park for residents
Residents of a Manassas mobile-home park who had been threatened with eviction will very likely be able to stay in their homes after the city agreed to allow a local nonprofit agency to buy the property. The Manassas City Council voted unanimously Monday ...
More jets made in Mobile? Excitement abounds despite scant details of new Airbus plan
Following Monday's announcement that a new Airbus partnership could bring a second aircraft assembly line to Mobile, details such as when that plant might be built and how many jobs it might create remain unknown. But even as they wait for answers to those ...
McDonald's mobile phone lockers encourage families to start talking to each other again
Mobile phones have definitely become a necessity for people of all ages. Messaging devices make communicating with others more efficient than ever, but in turn, many people are losing touch with face-to-face social interactions. To get people talking to ...
'First 5G mobile net connection' claimed by Qualcomm
Qualcomm has demonstrated mobile internet speeds of 1Gbps using a 5G smartphone chip. The chipset manufacturer claims this is the first working 5G data connection on a mobile device. The fifth generation of the mobile network does not yet exist, but it ...
3 Growth Strategies for Mobile Gaming
There are seemingly an infinite number of mobile games in app stores these days. So much so that finding good games is often a struggle for consumers. While ranking charts and app store recommendations help, it’s easy to create a game and have it get ...
Neighbors react to man arrested after 6-year-old girl shot by stray bullet in Mobile
Eric Blackledge, Jr., 23, didn't have anything to say as he was put in the back of a police car Tuesday afternoon on his way to Metro jail. Police say Blackledge is the man responsible for a six year old girl getting shot by a stray bullet. "I was in the ...
Mobile-Ordering Apps Create Problems for Restaurants
Restaurant-chain apps are reshaping a business built on human interaction. But these new systems don’t always work as planned. Soon after McAlister’s Deli, a chain of sandwich shops, introduced mobile ordering a few months ago, it found it had a ...
Gates Foundation Launches Open Platform To Connect Mobile Finance In Developing World
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation today announced an open source platform, Mojaloop, to allow companies to build a secure digital payments platform at scale. Across the developing world banks, developers and mobile carriers are developing systems to ...
Minneapolis Police Department Installs More Little Free Libraries, Rolls Out 'Mobile Libraries'
The Minneapolis Police Department teamed up with Little Free Library again Tuesday to install more libraries throughout the city and rollout a brand new initiative. A pair of Minneapolis police squads will be the first in the country to carry a "Mobile ...
T-Mobile, Sprint to announce merger
T-Mobile U.S. and Sprint plan to announce a merger without any immediate asset sales, according to people familiar with the matter. Fred Katayama reports. T-Mobile U.S. and Sprint plan to announce a merger without any immediate asset sales. Sources told ...