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Samsung will try to revamp its mobile brand with the S8
Samsung will try to revamp its mobile brand with the S8 Samsung looks to move on from its disastrous Note 7 with the new Galaxy S8. Video provided by Newsy Check out this story on Samsung looks to move on from its ...
As millennials 'Venmo' each other money, banks fight back with their own mobile apps
Odds are, you’ve at least heard of Venmo, but there’s also a good chance you haven’t used the mobile app or anything else like it to send money to family or friends. But that’s likely to change over the next few years, as banks, payment companies ...
Telecom Italia prepares for Iliad fight with no-frills mobile website
MILAN, March 29 Telecom Italia went live with a website for its new Kena Mobile brand on Wednesday, testing demand for a no-frills alternative to French carrier Iliad, which is set to launch its Free brand in Italy by early next year. Iliad's impending ...
Pirates of the Caribbean plunders the mobile game-film tie-in with Tides of War
The movie inspired by a ride is now inspiring a mobile game. Joycity today announced that global early registration has begun for its new online strategy game for mobile, Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War. The game will feature familiar characters ...
Mobile home masters: What it really takes to live in a van
With the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love nearly upon us, it’s a fun time to revisit something Instagrammers call #vanlife. Psychedelic hippie VW buses aside, there are thousands of modern-day, or at least, technologically tricked-out, vans ...
8 great testing tools for mobile app developers
The rapid proliferation of mobile devices presents a particular nasty testing issue for mobile app developers. With so many operating system versions, browsers, and devices in circulation, ensuring a quality experience across all combinations can be nearly ...
Parks Associates: 92% of U.S. Car Owners Perform Activities Requiring Mobile While Driving
It’s both a staggering and scary statistic. IoT research firm Parks Associates announced new connected car research this showing that 92% of U.S. car owners perform an activity that requires a mobile or Internet connection while driving (Though if you ...
Kenyans Abroad Are The Biggest Senders Of Mobile Money
Payment innovations are changing all over the world with growing objectives to make payments more efficient and at even lower costs – and Kenya is an example to the world that digital financial inclusion is possible. Mobile money has over the years ...
How Mobile Technology is Helping Small Businesses and Their Employees
(StatePoint) If you run a small business, you know that there is almost always work to be done. However, much of your time may be spent on tasks that you didn’t foresee before you opened shop. Indeed, up to 25 percent of a business owner’s time can be ...
Kris Bryant signs deal as mobile game endorser
Kris Bryant signed a three-year deal to become the face of "MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2017," a mobile app video game. Glu Mobile tested the waters with the Cubs third baseman last season and made a long-term commitment to him as the company pushes out a ...