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EE shows off helium balloon mobile masts
Mobile phone provider EE has demonstrated helium balloons and drones that could provide 4G mobile coverage following damage to existing infrastructure. The devices are fitted with small mobile sites that include a base station and an antenna. They could ...
Intel's mobile future lies in blazing-fast modems as it buries Atom's failure
Apple’s iPhone has twice been linked to Intel’s mobile future. The chip maker bungled it up once, but is coming on strong the second time. Intel passed on the opportunity to make chips for the first iPhone, and in May discontinued Atom smartphone chips ...
2 of 3 robbers still roaming in Brooklyn after stickup at T-Mobile store by Kings Highway in Brownsville
One suspect is in custody and two more are on the loose after a stickup at a Brooklyn cell phone store Monday, officials said. Police said two men walked into a T-Mobile store (photo) on E. 98th St. by Kings Highway in Brownsville at 11 a.m. One pulled out ...
Mobile World Congress to Mark the Return of Nokia, Blackberry and More
Mobile World Congress which is the world's largest gathering for the mobile industry is going to see a lot of action this year. At CES 2017 - the first big tech event of the year – we witnessed very few smartphone announcements. However, at MWC all the ...
Shoe-Based Mobile Payments? Visa, IBM Working on It
Anyone else remember that old series, that eventually became a movie, called “Get Smart”? That particular series—an often-comic look at the espionage field—featured a shoe-based telephone system that often came in handy. The jump from science ...
Softbank: Would Give Up Sprint for T-Mobile Deal
Sprint Corporation (S) parent Softbank of Japan is reportedly willing to give up control of the fourth-place wireless carrier to push through on a deal with T-Mobile US Inc. (TMUS) . That’s according to a report by Reuters late last week which cited ...
Suit Up for the Gartner Marketing Conference to See How an NBA Team Creates Winning Mobile Moments
NBA basketball games – good NBA basketball games – always have a dynamic ebb and flow of athleticism and coaching strategy with the fans amplifying the narrative of the game just like a great movie soundtrack. Really loud, supportive fans are often ...
Czech leader sacks industry minister for handling of mobile operators
PRAGUE Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said on Monday he was firing his industry minister, accusing him of getting a poor deal for mobile phone customers. The removal of Jan Mladek comes just eight months before parliamentary elections, as Sobotka ...
Colorado attorney to address telecom security at global Mobile World Congress
Martha Buyer -- head of a telecommunications law firm headquartered in Boulder and the Buffalo, New York area -- is heading to Spain for a second straight year to discuss data protection and security in front of a global mobile audience. She'll take part ...
MobileGo Tokens to Gamify the Gamecredits Mobile Store
MobileGo is the first Crypto-centric mobile gaming platform and store for in-game purchases. Gamecredits has worked with gaming industry leaders, Datcroft LTD., for two years for the development of the first crypto mobile gaming store. MobileGo tokens are ...